How To Choose a Blow Dryer That’s Right For You!


Let’s face it ...not all dryers are created equal! Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a dryer that left your hair feeling dry, thirsty, and crispy...and would always smell like it’s burning your hair? ewwww!  

its OK we’ve all been there.  We’ve all made that decision to go the cheaper route just to be disappointed in the end. Well the good news is hopefully you learned your lesson... The more you know, The more you’ll grow....and so will your hair! 

Here are 5 super important things to look for when shopping for your NEW dryer! 

 Have you ever heard of a dryer with moisturized heat?   Well it’s a thing and not all dryers have it!  Crazy right... who knew such a thing even existed and why don’t all dryers have this!   Keep reading to see if your dryer is giving you good heat or bad heat!

✨ IONS: What the heck is an Ion? I’m sure you heard this word thrown around... but how can it really be good for your hair?

There are 2 types of ions, ➖ Negative and ➕Positive.   And although positive sounds like the better of the two, think again ! 

In the beauty world ➖negative ions = Happiness!  They are AMAZING because they help keep 🌊 moisture in your hair and also help seal the cuticle which in return leaves your hair:






Fun Fact: Negative Ions also promote happiness!  For example when you’re at the beach there are a ton of Negative Ions released from the water hitting the shore!  And who doesn’t feel happier when you’re at the beach?  

Why is a Negative Ion the super hero of this story? Simple!  It takes a water💧molecule and breaks it down into tiny little pieces 💦 that are small enough to penetrate through your hair shaft and allows for your hair to absorb all that moisture leaving it feeling super satisfied!  For those of you that are visual learners like myself....Negative Ions are the ultimate thirst quencher for hair, kinda like Gatorade!

Typically water molecules are so big that it evaporates into the air leaving your hair still feeling dry, thirsty and wanting more ...which my friends... causes the F word...FRIZZ!  Frizz is hair reaching into the air for moisture! 

Another great visual of this is like trying to use a big Yoga Ball to play basketball ... there’s no way that big thing is going in that hoop!  Using negative Ions guarantee a slam dunk every time! Think of it like turning that yoga ball into tiny little tennis balls small enough to fit in the hoop. Moral of the story... keep the moisture in your hair, not in the air!  

Some dryers have an Ion button that you could press that gives you ions on demand. The only challenge with this is that if that button breaks your left with a basic dryer!  

Now my favorite type of Ions are produced by minerals. Some have natural minerals baked inside and as the air flows through it becomes conditioned and infused with the minerals and creates these negative ions, naturally!  As long as your dryer works it will be Ionic!   Gotta love science! 

Now ➕ Positive Ions do the opposite, they are the bully...the bad witch!  These do not make you happy! These ions raise the cuticle which then cause frizz and leave your strands vulnerable to breakage and pollutants in the air . These ions leave your hair looking dull, feeling rough, and leaves your cuticle open for the whole world to see!

And that’s all she wrote! After all that you should be Ion experts! Enough about Ions..  lets talk watts!

WATTAGE:  Yes it’s true, the higher the wattage the hotter and faster the blowdryer gets! BUT It’s important to shop for YOUR hair type.  Are you Fine, Medium or Coarse and is your hair super healthy or damaged and dry?  How much power does your hair really need?

Let’s say if you have fine thirsty damaged hair you wouldn’t need to get a 2000 watt blow dryer. (And if you did you better put that sucker on a lower setting!)  I always say just because you can... doesn’t mean you should. The same Kinda the same reason why you wouldn’t use a 450 degree flat iron on fine bleach blond hair.   Just because she can get to 450 doesn’t mean you should use it at 450! NO WAY JOSÈ!  She is delicate and needs to be treated like a princess! 

This in the hair world is what we call “Mechanical Damage”!  You know you’re at this point when you ask yourself ....why doesn’t my hair grow.   The reason why is because the ends get so dry and damaged that they say buh bye and break off every time you style your hair giving you a free, unwanted and unexpected trim!  Even if you take all the biotin in the world, the abusive cycle continues keeping you at the same length. Good news is it can be prevented!  Once again..the more you know, the more it will grow!

WARRANTY:  a good professional dryer should be backed up by an incredible warranty.  These dryers are typically a little bit more but well worth the investment. 5 year warranty is good, but now there’s even a 10 YEAR option which is absolutely incredible especially if you are a stylist behind the chair and use your dryer everyday! Now be cautious!  Some warranties are void when purchased through certain outlets!  

WEIGHT:  keep the weight super low!   It’s quite the arm workout especially when you have long thick hair!  There are some super light options available on the market today that weigh under a pound! ( which is comparable to a small pillow).  For some reason our brains are trained to think that just because something is heavier means that it is of better quality and will last longer....Not true.  Technology has advanced and allows for dryers to be lighter and dry hair faster!  Kinda like using a Zack Morris cell phone or using a new iPhone.  We’ll get to why some dryers are heavier then others in this next part.

MOTOR:  Yes AC/DC is a legendary rock band but also 2 of the most common types of motors that are responsible for 80% of the weight.   There are 3 types of motors that you can choose from:

AC Motor: (Biggest and Heaviest)

DC Motor: ( In-Betweenie)

Brushless Motor: ( OMG it’s so Freakin Light!)

Pretty much the bigger the motor is, the more power and watts it needs to push air through the dryer.  Picture a fan in the doorway...AC motors are kinda like a🏋️‍♂️big muscle dude blocking the doorway.  DC motors are like this 🧘🏻‍♀️ lady doing yoga in the doorway.  And Brushless Motors are like a cute little puppy dog standing in the doorway.  You get what i mean... Ultimately more air can get through.  Brushless motors are the newest and by far the most popular choice of the 3 because they allow for more airflow which in return dries hair faster and gives you more time to do other jump on facebook or read this super long post about picking out the right hair dryer. 

And there you have it!  Your personal guide to choosing the right dryer.  Other than these things listed above you could also consider one click cool shot buttons, cord length, air vents, filters and overall style!  At the end of the day it’s important that you treat yourself! You deserve a good dryer.  Stop choosing the cheap route!  You know the saying...Happy Wife, Happy Life...In this case..Happy Hair, Make Them Stare!

if you need help choosing and want some honest to goodness feedback ...don’t be shy....Send us a DM.  My team and I are here to help you!   @Vasified @Studiovasi_salon

Which dryer is your ULTIMATE favorite?

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